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Altered Teapot is a team of developers & designers who are passionate about designing and working on our home and providing web augmented reality solutions

Deliver AR Solutions

Altered Teapot Corporation


Develop Custom IOS AR App

- Custom IOS AR App offers better stability and more advanced AR experience.

- Customer can interact and customize the AR items rather just placing the items on the floor.

- We can help you build end-to-end AR IOS App for your business to showcase your products in IOS. 

- Check out our most advanced AR App ARKitchen in the IOS market developed by us! 

Develop Custom IOS AR App


Free Kitchen Design App  download on IOS_Store
AR App Development

Showcase your Products in AR

- Augment Reality can give customer a realistic 3d view of your products at their home without customers entering the store.

- We can help you to quickly build end-to-end AR solutions integrated with your website. 

- Team of 3-D Artists committed to make realistic 3-D models of your products that can be uploaded to Shopify 

- Checkout How Refineas Furniture is using AR to sell designer furnitures.

Refineas Furniture
E-commerce AR

Future of Showcasing Products

Technology & Innovation with Augmented Reality

Altered Teapot AR Solutions

Our Expertise & Commitment

Patent Ready AR IOS Technology

Dedicated 3-D Artists team with 10 years of 3-D rendering experiences

Integration of AI with AR

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Low Cost comparing to competition

Unlimited Support

Customer satisfaction guaranteed



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